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07 Februari 2011

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Usb Block [SOFTWARE]

Korang mesti tercari - cari software untuk mengekang file - file peribadi kita dicuri oleh orang lain bukan? Nazterjah sudah jumpa jalan penyelesaian!!
USB BLOCK adalah software yang baik.
Nazterjah sudah lihat komen - komen dari pengguna bahawa ia sangat effecktif.
Jika seseorang itu ingin mengambil data seperti file, video dan gambar dengan menggunakan USB atau CD, ia tidak akan berlaku lagi.
Malas nak cerita panjang, korang testlah ye.

Info Software :

USB Block prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB Drives, External Drives, CDs/DVDs or other such portable devices. Once installed, USB Block lets you block all such drives and devices that do not belong to you. If USB Block is installed on your computer, you can relax and share your PC with anyone without fear of data theft. You can also install the program on several computers in your office or home and feel safe. USB Block also lets you create a list of devices and drives you authorize with a password so that only your USB drives or CDs can be accessed on your computer.

Complete Data Integrity
Prevent Data Leakage from your PC
Prevent misuse of your data
Prevent viruses & malware attacks
Prevent hackers, crackers and thieves

Copy Protection
Stop Illegal copying of your data
Protect your copyright material
Protection works in Safe Mode also
Activate Stealth Mode to disguise

Full integrity of your data
Prevent theft of your data
Prevent unauthorized users
Prevent unauthorized devices
Hack Monitoring
Monitor program deletion attempts
Monitor fake password attempts
Monitor illegal uninstall attempts
Catch the culprit red-handed

Block All Devices
Block unauthorized USB Drives
Block unauthorized CDs/DVDs
Block unauthorized Network Access
Block unauthorized Drives & Partitions

Features and Benefits
Data Leak Prevention: USB Block prevents your data from getting leaked out to USB drives and other such storage devices by letting you control which device can access your computer while blocking all other unauthorized devices that do not belong to you. With USB Block installed on your computer, you can feel safe that your data will remain on your PC safe and secure.

Copy Protection: The program uses an advanced level of data leak prevention technology that does not permit duplication of your important files and copyright material to any USB drive or other such storage devices without your permission. The program works by blocking all types of unauthorized storage devices like USB drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs, etc., in this way it prevents plagiarism, piracy, illegal distribution and copying of your data.

Block USB Drives: USB Block doesn’t allow any type of USB drive to access your computer unless you authorize it. By default, all types of USB drives are blocked including external drives, FireWire, Enhanced mini-USB, Host Controller Interface (HCI), HP-IL, Com, LPT, IrDA, USB on-the-go, U3, EHCI, RAID Controller, Host adapter, Serial Cable (use with data transfer), Serial ATA, ACCESS.bus and any storage device that is attached to USB port showing a drive in the system.
Block Memory Cards & iPods: The program also blocks SD Cards, MMCs, Memory Sticks, Digital Cameras, Memory Cell Phones, iPods, Blackberry, Android and Other Mobile Phones.

Block Media & Blu-ray Discs: The application also blocks any disc that uses the disk hub, bay, combo or CD/DVD drive and allots a drive letter, for example; CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD-R, HD-RW, HD-RAM, Blu Ray-R, Blu Ray-RW, Blu Ray-RAM, Floppy Disk A, Floppy Disk B and Zip Drives.
User Friendly Graphical Interface: USB Block is an easy to use data leak prevention software with a user friendly graphical interface. It does not complicate its users with technical jargon rather it provides them an easy way to block unauthorized devices from accessing their data.
Patent Pending Protection: USB Block uses multi-layer patent pending protection that works on Windows Kernel Level and block unauthorized and malicious devices from accessing your computer even in Safe Mode.

Link Download :

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JDB OLLG Aina :) berkata...

then kalau nk copy file dri dlm komputer nk msokkn dlm pdrive x boleh ahh . eh ?

Nazterjah berkata...

yup..mcm 2 la...cubalah

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